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Zona: product and company

I have been familiar with ZONA as a company for several years and quite frankly they are the uncontested leader in this new anti-hypertensive technology. I am even more familiar with the cardiogrip device going back almost 20 years , long before it became a ZONA product. The device works and is simple to use and maintain. It has the potential to eliminate the use of oral medication to lower blood pressure. I have followed the original research to present day and unequivocally endorse this device for anyone who has hypertension whether mild to severe. Basically the cardiogrip device represents a paradigm shift in the management of hypertension for almost everyone. Thomas M. Loeb, M.D

This device really works!!!

As a biomedical researcher, I was naturally skeptical about a device that claimed to lower blood pressure through such a simple exercise. So I tried it and my blood pressure dropped. I then stopped using it and saw my pressures start to climb again. I am back to using the device and am definitely convinced of its benefits.

Van Z.

I have been using Zona Plus for over 2 years. My blood pressure was 130/83 when I started using Zona Plus. after 3 to 4 weeks my numbers came down to 118/70 and they remain this low today. My numbers were not that bad but I wanted to keep my blood pressure under control so I would not need medication. This product works.

I thought - there is no way this would work.

The product had a money back warranty, so I purchased one, and after regular use, my blood pressure dropped from 138/80 to 125/75 in about 2-3 months, then over the next year of use it has dropped to 117/68, with no change in diet or exercise. So I bought devices for my father and father in law, who were both in their 80's and both on medication, but still had blood pressure in the 130's, and both of them also saw drops to 120 or below. No side effects, natural product, and my Zona Plus is now three years old, and still works perfectly.


Have seen a continuing reduction in my blood pressure while with my physician's guidance have been eliminating the use of prescription drugs. It works.


A few short weeks after using Zona Plus my blood pressure dropped from 150/110 to my present 120/78. It is a great little machine, and with no side-effects to worry about

It worked so well that I cofounded the company!

In a little over 6 weeks I saw my blood pressure drop 27 points systolic and 20 point diastolic, as measured by my physician. You can read my story here

Laura S.
Laura S., Registered Nurse California
After six weeks of using Zona Plus my blood pressure came down into the 120s/80s range, a place I have never been consistently.
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Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

We invite you to try the Zona Plus in the comfort of your home risk-free for 90 days. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the Zona Plus that we back it with a satisfaction guarantee! All you have to do is use the device for 12 weeks as directed, and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return the Zona Plus for a full refund. How can we offer such an amazing guarantee? We are certain you will be amazed with the results, just like the tens of thousands who already use the Zona Plus. Click here to view Full Warranty